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Luba Lukova in El Paso

This poster was created for a fictitious exhibition of the designer Luba Lukova. The exhibition would be held at the El Paso Museum of Art. As designers, we needed to add an element representative of the city of El Paso, Texas to an already existing poster of an artist of our choice. The element could not look foreign. It should be added with designer's style.
For this project I chose a poster called Immigrant. It was made by the designer Luba Lukova as part of her Social Justice campaign. The element that I added to this poster is the cacti that grows locally in El Paso. The reason I chose the cacti is because the desert is what comes up to my mind when thinking of El Paso. And the cacti seemed a good element to represent the desert. In the original poster, the character has trees as arms. After I saw that, I thought it made sense to change the trees by the cacti.